Siena Imaging Team

Welcome to our team! ūüöÄ Here in our hub of scientific exploration and innovation, we’re not just colleagues, we’re collaborators on a mission. Our goal? To propel our projects from concept to fruition, with a blend of precision and passion that’s as potent as our latest medical breakthroughs.

Who are we? We’re a diverse ensemble of scientific minds, research mavens, data wizards, and logistical maestros united by a singular purpose: to advance healthcare through rigorous clinical trials and groundbreaking research initiatives.

But don’t let the seriousness of our mission fool you. While we’re serious about our work, we’re also serious about enjoying the journey. There are no stuffy hierarchies or stifling rules here. We’re all about fostering an environment of exploration, collaboration, and yes, even the occasional experiment (in the lab, of course!).

So, get ready to meet some of the most dedicated minds in the field, the sharpest intellects, and yes, even a few personalities that will keep you smiling through the most challenging of trials. Because here, we’re not just a team, we’re a community of adventurers pushing the boundaries of science together!

Siena Imaging Areas




IT Team

R&D Team


Giacomo demurtas

It Manager

Siena Imaging Team - Giacomo Demurtas - IT Manager
Senior Network and System Administrator for over 20 years, involved in networks and systems for secure data management in HA (High Availability). A founding partner and vice president of Siena Imaging

Marco Battaglini


Siena Imaging Team - Marco Battaglini - CEO - Siena Imaging
Worked for over 20 years in an academic environment on the development of new markers derived from magnetic resonance imaging. Since 2017, has been a founding partner and President of Siena Imaging

Chiara Gentile


Siena Imaging Team - Chiara Gentile - Quality Manager
15 years of experience in the Quality field as Quality Manager for leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry. Working at Siena Imaging since 2022 dealing with the management of the company’s Quality System in accordance with current regulations (ISO) and Good Clinical Practice.

Andrea Savelli

Operations Manager

Siena Imaging Team - Andrea Savelli - Operation Manager
Graduated in Medical Radiology Imaging and Radiotherapy Techniques at the University of Siena. Since 2019: Imaging Reader at Siena Imaging. Since 2024: Operations Manager working on the coordination and management of operational activities within Clinical Trials.

Francesco Sforazzini

R&D Manager

Siena Imaging Team - Francesco Sforazzini - R&D Manager
With a decade of experience in developing artificial intelligence-based software for biomedical image analysis, he joined Siena Imaging in 2022 as software developer to optimize MR image analysis processes using Deep Learning. He became head of the research and development team at the beginning of 2024.

Production TEAM

Ludovico Luchetti

Process supervisor

Siena Imaging Team - Ludovico Luchetti - Process Supervisor
Graduated in Medical Biotechnology, obtained a Ph.D. in Neuroscience for developing software to calculate spinal cord atrophy from two MRI images. Working at Siena Imaging since its foundation, involved in developing analysis pipelines and overseeing research projects aimed at improving the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders.

Irina Efimenko

Project Manager

Siena Imaging Team - Irina Efimenko - Project Manager
After 10 years of experience in clinical trials as a study coordinator, working at Siena Imaging since 2019, overseeing project management for centralized MRI image reading activities and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and protocols to maintain the highest quality in data analysis and interpretation.

Irene Giganti

Project Manager

Siena Imaging Team - Irene Giganti - Project Manager
Since 2022, Clinical Project Manager at Siena Imaging, overseeing and managing clinical projects ensuring compliance with protocols and regulations. Specifically responsible for project activity planning, resource allocation, and progress monitoring to ensure goal achievement.

Duccio Guerrieri

Imaging Scientist

Siena Imaging Team - Duccio Guerrieri - Image Specialist
Graduated in medical radiology techniques, worked for 14 years at the CT and MRI department of Ausl Senese, specializing in diagnostic imaging techniques. Engaged in professional training in MRI since 2014, organizing and participating in theoretical/practical congresses and professional courses throughout Italy. Working at Siena Imaging since 2019.

Elia Bengasini

Image Reader

Siena Imaging Team - Elia Bengasini - Image Reader
In 2021, completed a three-year degree in Medical Radiology Imaging and Radiotherapy Techniques at the University of Siena. Working at Siena Imaging as an Image Reader.

Giulio Lazzi

Image Reader

Siena Imaging Team - Giulio Lazzi - Image Reader
Graduated in Medical Radiology Imaging and Radiotherapy Techniques from the University of Siena, working at Siena Imaging since 2021 as an Image Reader

Claudia Bernardi

Image Reader

Siena Imaging Team - Claudia Bernardi - Image Reader
Graduated in Medical Radiology Imaging and Radiotherapy Techniques from the University of Siena, working at Siena Imaging since 2021 as an Image Reader

Matteo Leoncini

Image Reader

Siena Imaging Team - Matteo Leoncini - Image Reader
Graduated in medical radiology techniques and biotechnology, worked in the field of neuroimaging as a radiology technician in various hospitals of the National Health Service before joining Siena Imaging as a thesis student in 2018. At Siena Imaging, involved in research projects and clinical trials


Natalya fomina

Administrative Assistant

Siena Imaging Team - Natalya Fomina - Amministrative
Graduated in Linguistic Sciences, after various work experiences with international companies in Kazakhstan and as a freelancer in Italy, has been working at Siena Imaging since 2019 as an administrative assistant, actively contributing to the development of the current corporate structure


Lorenzo Scali

System Administrator

Siena Imaging Team - Lorenzo Scali - System Administrator
Employed at Siena Imaging since the beginning of 2022, responsible for designing and maintaining the company’s IT infrastructure. Specialized in network, storage and systems administration, with skills in virtualization and automation tools.

Eugenio benedetti

Functional IT

Eugenio Benedetti - Functional IT
Graduated in Statistical Sciences, currently enrolled in the Master’s program in Engineering Management. Working at Siena Imaging since 2022 as a Functional IT specialist, responsible for deploying applications within the production process in accordance with the main European and Italian guidelines.

Tommaso Venza

Fullstack developer

Siena Imaging Team - Tommaso Venza - Full Stack Developer
With a solid experience in software development, actively contributed to the success of innovative projects at Siena Imaging, applying the skills acquired in designing and creating cutting-edge web solutions and applications.
On the bedside table:
1984 George Orwell


Francesco Cacciante

Software developer

Siena Imaging Team - Francesco Cacciante - Junior Software Developer
Graduated in Molecular Biology with a Ph.D. in Neuroscience focusing on the molecular and functional characterization of a rare genetic neurodevelopmental disorder, working at Siena Imaging since 2022, involved in software research and development for the identification of new biomarkers

Giordano Gentile

software developer

Siena Imaging Team - Giordano Gentile - Senior Software Developer
Worked as a researcher in the university setting in the field of Neuroscience and neuroimaging... Since 2021, working at Siena Imaging, involved in software development capable of robustly and accurately quantifying brain biomarkers such as lesions and atrophy.

Barbara Iadarola

software developer

Graduated in Bioinformatics with a PhD in Biotechnology. Software developer at Siena Imaging since 2024, succeeding a 2-year collaboration as a PostDoc researcher. Working on the implementation of AI-based tools for multi-omics integration.