Public Speaking Marco Battaglini CEO Siena Imaging @ Red Hat Summer 2023 Roma

Siena Imaging speak about imaging @ Red Hat Summit 2024

CEO, Marco Battaglini, spoke about brain imaging indices, software and volumetric analysis for the study of brain pathologies – Red Hat Summit 2024

Siena Imaging was the protagonist in Rome at the Red Hat Summit, an international event dedicated to Open Source and digital transformation. The Siena-based company, incubated by TLS and specialised in brain imaging indexes, software, and volumetric analysis functional to the study of the development of brain pathologies, was selected as the only Italian company in the imaging sector.

Representing Siena Imaging at the Summit in Rome was Marco Battaglini, Chief Executive Officer, who spoke about the importance of using cloud and open source to revolutionise healthcare research. In particular, Siena Imaging illustrated a new web platform for data transfer, developed in collaboration with Plurimedia and financially supported by Roche Italia, which will enable the secure transfer of anonymised clinical data, i.e. without reference to the subjects analysed, through a cloud infrastructure.

‘We are proud,’ says Marco Battaglini, ‘to have been the only Italian company to speak about imaging in healthcare at the Red Hat Summit in Rome, and about the capabilities and opportunities related to the study of certain brain pathologies, such as multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s. Every year in our laboratories we analyse thousands of brain images thanks to our software solutions, including SIENA, which stands for Structural Image Evaluation in Neurological Atrophy, an open source software that provides near real-time indexes and volumetric analyses functional to the study of brain diseases in the neurological field.

The primary objective is to optimise treatment by aiming to reduce the time required for diagnosis, and therefore treatment, by neurologists and neuroradiologists with rapid, safe and effective information’.

Siena Imaging was set up in 2017 by a research team from the University of Siena’s Laboratory of Neuroimaging to offer neurologists, neuroradiologists, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies brain imaging indexes, software and volumetric analysis functional to the study of the development of certain pathologies, such as Alzheimer’s or multiple sclerosis.

The company, now one of the leaders in the sector, counts on the experience gained in the laboratories of the University of Siena and counts among its partners and founders Nicola De Stefano, president and professor of Neurology at the Department of Medical, Surgical and Neuroscience Sciences; Marco Battaglini, researcher at the University of Siena and CEO of Siena Imaging; and Giacomo Demurtas, computer scientist.

Together with them, young researchers and collaborators work every day, and their teamwork has allowed them to develop software with the most important neuroimaging centres in the world, such as the one in Oxford, and collaborations with national and international pharmaceutical companies.

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